GST-Free and Duty-Free items in Singapore

GST & Prohibited Items

Travelling to Singapore for your upcoming vacation or visiting relatives/friends, but unsure of what are the prohibited, dutiable and allowed items ? Do you know, Singapore has regulated every person is allowed a maximum of 5 kilograms/litres of processed food into Singapore ? This is in accordance to the policy from Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA).

Before & upon entering Singapore

Check the list of personal allowances before travelling to Singapore, and if you have doubts always approach and declare your items to the Immigration officers.

General rule for Travellers

Travellers entering Singapore can carry food products for personal consumption without requiring an import permit if:

Below are the list of dutiable items

Travellers are only entitled to duty-free allowance for liquor products if all of the following conditions are met

Duty Free Allowance
Option Spirits Wine Beer
A 1 Litre 1 Litre 1 Litre
B 2 Litre 1 Litre
C 1 Litre 2 Litre

There are no GST RELIEF OR DUTY-FREE CONCESSIONS for cigarettes and other tobacco products. Please declare them at the Immigration Red Channel.


Any person leaving or entering Singapore with physical currency or bearer negotiable instruments with a total value exceeding SGD20,000 are required to fill up the NP727 form at all immigration checkpoints.

Below are the list of prohibited items

Below are the list of allowed food items (for personal consumption only)

Upon leaving Singapore

Make your GST refund claims before leaving Singapore. The Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS) is for tourists who wish to claim a refund of the Goods & Services Tax (GST) paid on their behalf.  The purchases must be bought in Singapore from retailers who participated in the scheme.

You may claim your GST refunds at Changi Airport, Seletar Airport, Singapore Cruise Centre and Marina Bay Cruise Centre.

To apply for your GST refunds, proceed to the electronic TRS (eTRS) self-help kiosks at the airports and cruise centres.

For check-in items, proceed to eTRS kiosks at Departure Hall (before Departure Immigration) to apply for the GST refund.

For hand-carry items, proceed to eTRS kiosks at Departure Transit Lounge (after Departure Immigration) to apply for the GST refund.

For custom inspections, a notification slip will be issued at the self-help kiosks. If it indicates “Not approved”, please bring the purchases, original invoices/receipts, eTRS ticket and supporting documents to the Custom Inspection Counter.

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